Chapter 1.

I’m back! Whew, I’m so utterly excited to be writing again. Each blog will be a new chapter. (Have you ever watched Jane the Virgin? If not, OMG 😩 HOW ARE YOU EVEN LIVING WITHOUT THE VILLANUEVA WOMEN! But that’s where my inspiration came from!)

What is The Sunflower Method?

I’m glad you asked! The Sunflower Method is a method that we can use in our day to day lives and will help up chose more choice and the way we react to different situations a littler wiser. I often call it the Triple A’s:

~ Accept 🌻

~ Adjust 🌻

~ Act Accordingly 🌻

Now, I’m pretty sure you can think of a situations in your past that you could’ve used The Sunflower Method and you would’ve handled it a little differently. But that’s okay! We live and we learn! That’s why you have me. You can use the triple a’s in EVERY situation in your life, and in this blog, I’ll definitely show you how to do just that!

I created this blog as a safe, girl chat where we as women can talk, laugh, cry and feel every emotion in the world and not be penalized for feeling the way we do. Have you ever gotten looked at weird for crying because to society, a woman crying makes her weak? Yeah. I have too and that’s why we are going to break these generational curses, stereotypes as myths about women. In this blog, we will talk about a range of things from relationships, to faith, fashion, feminism, mixed with marriage, friendships, Jesus and EVERYTHING in between!

I’m super excited about meeting each and everyone of you reading this blog. Are you ready for the journey to become a better you? Let’s begin, TOGETHER!

Until next time,


“Self love is the best love.”

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