Chapter 1.

I’m back! Whew, I’m so utterly excited to be writing again. Each blog will be a new chapter. (Have you ever watched Jane the Virgin? If not, OMG 😩 HOW ARE YOU EVEN LIVING WITHOUT THE VILLANUEVA WOMEN! But that’s where my inspiration came from!)

What is The Sunflower Method?

I’m glad you asked! The Sunflower Method is a method that we can use in our day to day lives and will help up chose more choice and the way we react to different situations a littler wiser. I often call it the Triple A’s:

~ Accept 🌻

~ Adjust 🌻

~ Act Accordingly 🌻

Now, I’m pretty sure you can think of a situations in your past that you could’ve used The Sunflower Method and you would’ve handled it a little differently. But that’s okay! We live and we learn! That’s why you have me. You can use the triple a’s in EVERY situation in your life, and in this blog, I’ll definitely show you how to do just that!

I created this blog as a safe, girl chat where we as women can talk, laugh, cry and feel every emotion in the world and not be penalized for feeling the way we do. Have you ever gotten looked at weird for crying because to society, a woman crying makes her weak? Yeah. I have too and that’s why we are going to break these generational curses, stereotypes as myths about women. In this blog, we will talk about a range of things from relationships, to faith, fashion, feminism, mixed with marriage, friendships, Jesus and EVERYTHING in between!

I’m super excited about meeting each and everyone of you reading this blog. Are you ready for the journey to become a better you? Let’s begin, TOGETHER!

Until next time,


“Self love is the best love.”

5 Tips on a Healthy Relationship/Marriage

This is normally us! 😂 I’m always doing something crazy and he’s always smiling or looking at me crazy!

For those who don’t know, I’ve been married, on the 25th of this month, will be 6 months. Larry and I dated two years before we got married! Now we grew up together, the same church and all that! But we were always “just friends” THATS IT! Well, one thing lead to another and now we’re here! Lol. Marriage is so fun and amazing but also takes prayer and understanding as well. Marriage is different from dating but you should also date while being married!

Tip #1: KEEP GOD FIRST! I literally cannot stress that enough. I didn’t understand how important this was until I got married and saw it for myself. It’s so important to keep God in your home and marriage and keep Him in the center. What God has his hands on, the devil cannot destroy. I believe when you put God first you don’t have others in your business, you let go of the “ideal of marriage” and you learn how to love your spouse the way God wants you too not the world. If you have to put scriptures up in your home, and about everything in your house, do so! Anything about your spouse that you may not like, or y’all have a disagreement give it to Jesus! There has been times I had to pray for Larry and say, “now Jesus fix this” instead of nagging Larry, I prayed for him and let God fix it, not me. 🙏🏽

Tip #2: Maintain a healthy sex life! Now listen, I’m going to keep it real with you. In a marriage, sex is important. Learn how to say yes to your husband even if you don’t feel like it or you’re too tired. Compromise and figure out what works best for Y’ALL relationship! Don’t compare your sex life with the next couple because what works for one doesn’t work for all! Ladies, get into it! Send cute text throughout the day, but some sexy lingerie or cute pajamas! Remember self care, and keep yourself up! I know sometimes this is a little hard because even for me this was hard 😭 but I still do it, and it works! (I’m going to do a whole post on a healthy sex life, and self care, so don’t worry I got y’all! 😘) Sometime you have to plan as well and that’s okay! Planned sex is great sex! You’re adults, some with children and you just can’t do it every single moment if the day 😂 but even if it’s just 30 minutes, have that intimate time together, and it’ll change your life! 😍

Tip #3: COMMUNICATION! Whew, that’s a mouthful already! 😩 But nooo seriously, communication is one of the major keys on a relationship! I honestly believe that allot of couples lack communication because they don’t know their partners love language! Omg, I cannot stress them enough love languages are so important. If you want to take the test to learn yours, I’ll be more than happy to share it with you! 😍 A healthy relationship thrives on an open exchange of emotions, desires, and being responsible for each other’s mental health! Being able to communicating with your significant other makes life so much easier. Like for example: Larry is my bestfriend, so talking to him about everything comes easy to me. ❤️

Tip #4: Forgiveness. That’s a big one. Never allow someone to tell you that they’ve never had to forgive their spouse for something. It’s just the way things work. Learning how to talk out problems, give yourself a break when you’re upset or thinking you’re going to say something that’s not correct. That goes back to prayer. Forgiveness is a choice, it’s not a feeling. Sometimes you may think like, Ooooo I want him to pay for this, but is that Christ-like? You have to remember that your spouse isn’t perfect and neither are you. Arguments and disagreements happen but you should never go to bed angry or upset at one another. Share your hurt, or pain to your spouse, and talk things out. Everything goes hand and hand with each other.

Tip #5: Continue dating each other. Never stop dating, or doing spontaneous gestures for one another. Plan trips, it can do something as simple as eating around the mall eating ice cream or pretzels ( Larry and I do this ALL THE TIME 😂😂) It’s all about quality time just for each other. For example: my hubby and I go on a date every month on the 25th (our wedding date) and we plan it and make time for date night. I feel as though date night reinforces the importance of the relationship. It can be the simplest thing for a date, and I have tons of ideas so please ask me and I’ll give you some ideas! Date night keeps the relationship spicy and romantic. Also, making time for each other with phones, social media or family will bring you closer as a couple and as a unit!

Our wedding day 🥰 May 25th 2019 ❤️

Until next time,

Alexis 🌻✨